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The future of trust, today

Transition your paper-based verification processes to JNCTN. Streamline your verification and onboarding processes and build seamless trust and compliance across industries, licensing boards and education providers.

Build a trusted ecosystem for the real and digital worlds

With JNCTN’s powerful orchestration platform, you can easily create custom credential and digital identity management processes that work for your people, business, compliance requirements and locations. Harness the privacy, convenience, and business benefits of verifiable credentials with our SaaS platform.

JNCTN platform applications on laptop and mobile devices

Maintain compliance without compromising security or privacy

JNCTN allows automated credential checks without exposing a member’s personal information. A verification simply returns a pass or fail, along with actions to accept, exempt, or deny a member based on the outcome.

Illustration of credential check using JNCTN app

Fast track user onboarding

You can easily add new members to your organisation with JNCTN. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 we offer flexible and convenient onboarding options. New members who already have a JNCTN account can keep and use their existing credentials.

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Reduce the time and cost spent on compliance

Remove manual certificate checking to reduce processing time and eliminate human error from compliance processes. Set up rules that automate credential checks against locations and events to validate compliance in seconds.

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Fast and flexible onboarding

JNCTN provides a seamless transition to verifiable credentials. 

Immediately start experiencing the benefits of digital credential management with the JNCTN platform.

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Set up your organisation and add members


Define your credential catalogue


Issue, share and verify credentials

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The benefits of JNCTN Credential Management

No more spreadsheets

Move beyond spreadsheets and manage your identity and credentials in a secure and convenient way.

Automated credential status notifications

Empower your workforce to proactively maintain compliance using configurable notifications and alerts for expiring credentials.

Single source of truth

Trust that information is accurate, up-to-date and verified by authoritative sources with a single view of identity and credentials across your employees, contractors and suppliers.

Easy integration

Integrate with your existing systems and sync your data across platforms to avoid duplication with powerful APIs.

Efficient and automated credential management

Automate workflows and custom scenarios based on business logic and create triggers for issuing, revoking, updating or sharing credentials to reflect changes in real-time.

Live ‘eyes on glass’ monitoring

Manage risks and monitor access activity, site safety and security in real-time with interactive dashboards across multiple locations

Optimise crew deployment

Get crews job ready in minutes by verifying credential requirements, assigning roles and permissions and granting access to relevant locations.

Transparent digital audit trails

Demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations through detailed reporting and audit trails.

User privacy and control

A consent based digital wallet gives users control over their personal data and when, where and who they share it with.

Built for interoperability

Using open standards for portable, widely compatible credentials allows seamless issuing, managing, and sharing of credentials.

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