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Build a trusted ecosystem for the real and digital worlds.

JNCTN helps you bridge the divide

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Say goodbye to paperwork with JNCTN's SaaS platform and App

We believe trust is earned and personal data should be portable and available on demand. The JNCTN platform enables anytime access, management and verification of digital identity and credentials with full control over what is shared.

Inclusive, industry leading platform to enhance safety, boost productivity and improve compliance.

Use JNCTN credentials through your systems with our API, use our portal and App as a standalone SaaS system, use different digital wallets or add physical tokens to bridge the digital divide.


Create efficiencies with real-time issuance, management and verification of credentials, site inductions, licences and qualifications.

Eyes on glass

Monitor access activity, site safety and security with automated tools across multiple locations.


Automate onboarding to get crews on the job faster.

Compliance with ease

Meet compliance and regulatory obligations with full auditability and rule-based automation.

A logical solution

Implement flexible and customisable business logic.

Consent is key

User control and ownership through a consent based digital wallet for sharing credentials.

Ready for change

Built using open standards for portable, widely compatible credentials that allow issuing, managing, and sharing.

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