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Say goodbye to paperwork with JNCTN's SaaS platform and App

We believe trust is earned and personal data should be portable and available on demand. The JNCTN platform enables anytime access, management and verification of digital identity and credentials with full control over what is shared.

Inclusive, industry leading platform to enhance safety, boost productivity and improve compliance.

Use JNCTN credentials through your systems with our API, use our portal and App as a standalone SaaS system, use different digital wallets or add physical tokens to bridge the digital divide.

  • Create efficiencies with real-time issuance, management and verification of credentials, site inductions, licences and qualifications.
  • Monitor access activity, site safety and security with automated tools across multiple locations.
  • Automate onboarding to get crews on the job faster.
  • Meet compliance and regulatory obligations with full auditability and rule-based automation.
  • Implement flexible and customisable business logic.
  • User control and ownership through a consent based digital wallet for sharing credentials.
  • Built using open standards for portable, widely compatible credentials that allow issuing, managing, and sharing.

The FAQs

Who can become a member of JNCTN?

Any individual or organisation. We’ve designed the Credential Management System to be flexible and to be used across multiple industries with different requirements.

What happens to my subscription if I leave my organisation?

Nothing. Your JNCTN membership is valid for the period specified at initial registration regardless of the organisation you are associated with. You will receive notification when your subscription is due for renewal.

How are my credentials validated as being genuine?

A credential is confirmed genuine once validated by the credential owner, such as the training organisation that delivered the training, or the organisation that delivered the site induction. JNCTN uses a traffic light system that clearly identifies whether a credential is waiting to be validated (either red or orange) or has been validated (green).

Where is my data stored?

Your data is securely stored in Microsoft’s cloud-based solution, Azure; providing quick and reliable access to your information any time, from any device.

Is my personal information safe and secure?

Yes. JNCTN is vigilant about data security. We will never sell or share your personal information.

Can I scan a JNCTN card without internet connection?

At present, no. However, the Mobile App is coming soon which will give increased accessibility.

Who can scan my card?

Anyone with a QR code scanning application. However, only your name and credential record will display, no other personal information will be disclosed.

My organisation stores employee information in another software solution. Do I need to re-enter this information into JNCTN?

Possibly not. JNCTN has been developed using technology (API protocols) that allows our data to synchronise with data stored in other software solutions. We suggest talking to a JNCTN representative about your integration and configuration needs.

Does JNCTN offer support?

Yes, we provide an online, trouble-shooting support library. Alternatively, if you require further assistance, you can talk to a JNCTN representative directly.

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