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25th November 2021

We've said it before but let's say it again ....
At #JNCTN we're committed to providing transparent, engaging user experiences that are accessible and easy to use by everyone. So we’re super excited to welcome Niels Hunefeld to the JNCTN team as our Design Lead.

Niels brings a wealth of experience in #storytelling and creating engaging experiences for New Zealand Start-ups, NGOs and Corporate Clients. He will oversee our big picture design vision, as well as the smaller details to make JNCTN's user interactions top-notch experiences.

An expat from the Netherlands, with a passion for all things #coffee, and a true maker at heart he spends his spare time chasing new experiences like building guitar effects, forging knives, or writing songs.

He can also see our office from his garden planted with Kowhai, Rimu, White Pohutukawa and Camelia – all compliments go to the previous owners says Niels.😊
#userexperiencedesign #gooddesign #storytelling #goodcoffee #craftsman#credential_management #nztech

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