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JNCTN’s world class SaaS platform available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

16th August 2023

JNCTN Brings Unique SaaS Platform to Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Specialist workforce credential and identity management company JNCTN, announces its listing on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace. Giving Microsoft Azure customers access to JNCTN's innovative SaaS platform for verifying qualifications, licences, entitlements, attestations, and identity.

The Azure Marketplace serves as the central hub of services and applications for Microsoft Azure customers. By leveraging JNCTN's world-class platform, businesses can establish a secure workforce ecosystem while benefiting from significant efficiency gains. JNCTN customers have reported remarkable results, including up to 20% savings on training costs and associated administrative tasks.

Working alongside StayLive—the Health and Safety consortium for the New Zealand Electricity Generation Industry—JNCTN has deployed the StayLive Competency Tool (SCT) to manage workforce credentials. The SCT is now mandated for all electricity generation companies, their workers, and contractors.

“It is challenging the norm, making us think differently about how we help each other get to a better place as an industry with shared data. Digitisation has given us much more effective reporting, highlighting any weaknesses in our system much earlier, shaping our training design and practice. The benefit of assigning a credential in real-time is huge. How easily our records can be transferred is a real game changer for us,” says Jarrod Bowler, Safety & Wellness Group Manager at Genesis Energy.

At JNCTN, security, accessibility, and inclusivity are prioritised. These principles are seamlessly integrated into the administration portal and App, ensuring that individuals, at all levels, can easily navigate and utilise the platform based on their unique roles and requirements.

The platform goes beyond mere verification by offering individuals their own personal digital wallet. This feature guarantees privacy while maintaining convenience and control over their credentials.
In addition, by capturing training and creating lifelong learning records, JNCTN empowers career growth and facilitates smooth transitions between jobs, and across industries.

JNCTN's location management feature allows secure and compliant access to managed sites and facilities. Rulesets for these locations ensure compliance before entry is granted. Site security personnel can sign-in to check worker credentials before they are allowed entry. Employers can view the data and reports showing workers across multiple sites and get real-time insights on who is onsite, who has visited, and their compliance status.

Not only does using JNCTN's platform enhance workforce competency management across multiple locations, it also streamlines analytics and reduces hiring costs. Enterprises can optimise governance, training, site management and access, leading to improved overall Health and Safety, and organisational performance.

JNCTN's platform is built using open technical standards, ensuring seamless interoperability and synchronisation with internal data, HR, and learning management systems. This standards-based compatibility futureproofs the JNCTN platform in an evolving credential ecosystem and allows for efficient integration and utilization within existing infrastructure.

Wayne Stemp, JNCTN’s Founder, emphasizes the importance of a marketplace strategy for SaaS companies like theirs. “By integrating with Microsoft's Marketplace, buyers can directly purchase our product using their Azure commitments, shortening procurement cycles, reducing approval processes, and expediting deployment.”

Lizelle Hughes, Director of ISV and SaaS Partnerships at Microsoft ANZ, welcomed JNCTN’s Marketplace listing.

“We launched our Marketplace offer to help New Zealand companies scale to the world, acting as their shop window, managing tax, procurement and all the usual hurdles of transacting internationally. It’s hugely exciting to see JNCTN now poised for global growth, with the potential to completely transform the way identity management is done in so many industries overseas,” she says.

To smooth the path to transacting, JNCTN partnered with Tackle – a platform to simplify B2B Cloud Marketplace software transactions and quickly capitalise on new revenue opportunities. Tackle recently reported the convergence of software and cloud budgets, predicting that revenue driven through marketplace spend could skyrocket from $10B to $15B by the end of 2023.

JNCTN is excited about the opportunities presented by listing on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace and is committed to revolutionizing workplace credential and identity management, providing businesses with a secure and efficient workforce ecosystem.

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