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Part 2 - JNCTN 101 series

2nd November 2022

In Part 2 of our JNCTN 101 series you’ll find out why we’re so passionate about using our tech to disrupt and drive innovation to empower individuals and organisations. Using our #technology brings efficiencies, increases #productivity and creates safer working environments across entire industries.

When it comes to verifying that you have the right people with the right skills to tackle a job safely and effectively, we help avoid the normal trade-offs between privacy and #compliance vs convenience and efficiency.

A lot of identity is focused on “who are you” and while that’s a critical first step, we combine who you are with what you can do and where or what you have access to.

Using a set of #credentials in this way helps widen an individual’s utility of their digital identity and credential set. This kind of convenience is a game changer for people in their everyday lives and offers real opportunities to reduce admin and save time and money. 
Our approach is consent-based meaning the individual always has #self_sovereignty over their information and when it is shared.

The JNCTN platform was used by a large #government agency across a large number of sites to manage the credential compliance of workers entering facilities with specific location-based credentials. This replaced multiple pieces of paper, spreadsheets and siloed incumbent systems used by workers across large private and public sector companies. We eliminated the need for workers to bring various artifacts each day to prove their identity and work authorities.

Credentials such as their identity, site specific inductions, health and safety training, health credentials and work authorities had to be sighted and signed off to enter the restricted environment to start work.

By using JNCTN the worker could simply present their unique QR code to a guard, either via a digital wallet on their mobile device or physical token with that same unique QR code, which showed a verifier the worker was compliant with the credential requirements for that specific site.

Checking in and out of work each day was reduced from minutes to seconds meaning they didn’t need to carry around or share more PII than necessary. This also saved the government agency and guards mountains of paperwork, reduced the operational risk of those sites and gave administration staff real time audit and compliance reporting capability through our platform.

At #JNCTN we’re all about inclusivity and very aware of the digital divide. We include an option to use physical tokens if for whatever reason they don’t have access to a mobile device.

We believe that in making #identity and a credential set useful, it must make life easier for the people who need to use it every day, across a variety of different roles, and it must be more convenient than what users currently do to actually enact change.

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