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Part 3 - JNCTN 101 series

23rd March 2023

It's time for part 3 of our JNCTN 101 series where we’re exploring how digital wallets will help shape our future for verification, holding and sharing of credentials.
A digital wallet, sometimes called an electronic wallet, is a transaction application that runs on mobile devices. It’s easy to access and securely holds your credential information. An example of this is holding and sharing of a licence credential such as your driver’s licence or registered builder’s licence.
The need to verify work authorities, site inductions, qualifications and skill-based credentials will also become easier through the use of digital wallets. What this ultimately does is give control of credentials to the individual, so they can decide when, where and who they wish to share these with.
At #JNCTN we believe in this consent-based approach, so the individual always has self-sovereignty over their information and when it is shared. The JNCTN platform has built in capability to issue credentials on-the-spot to individuals’ digital wallets. This means credentials such as company or site inductions, work authorities or internal training can be instantly issued in real-time to an individuals’ wallet for immediate use. Individuals can then permission the sharing of these with companies they are employed by or contracting to. 
The wallet of the future will have added operational tools to help individuals and businesses with sharing specific credentials for any type of scenario. It won’t be long before you’ll carry your mobile driver's license, health information and financial information alongside your education and employment related credentials.
Digital wallets are the future of holding, sharing and verifying credentials. They offer a convenient and secure way for individuals to easily store and share their credentials and with JNCTN's focus on consent-based approaches and interoperability, individuals will have complete control over which wallet they choose to use and who their share their information with.
JNCTN is at the forefront of making it a reality so please follow along and explore the exciting future of digital wallets with us.
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