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About StayLive

The StayLive initiative has seen competitor companies in the energy sector come together to pool their resources for the single objective to improve health and safety in the industry. For information on StayLive visit their website here

JNCTN has worked with StayLive over a 2-year period to provide a digital StayLive Competency Tool to enable the effective capture and proof of training and competency records.

The result is agreement with StayLive member and partner companies under which individuals accessing energy sector facilities across New Zealand will be issued with Identity Tokens linked to our cloud based Credential Management System, allowing them to prove their identity and validate that they have the verified training and qualifications needed to undertake the activities they have been employed to carry out.


The StayLive Competency Tool will provide the following benefits;

  • Provide a robust tool for holding information, that can be also accessed on-line.
  • Enable training records to be captured at the time of training.
  • Optimise the capture and processing of training records.
  • Enable competency endorsements to be uploaded by the individual's employer.
  • Enable endorsement of competency by asset owners.
  • Improve security controls.
  • Provide automated expiry notifications.


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